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Ticketsсloud is a Global Ticket Distribution Platform enabling you to sell tickets worldwide easily. No monthly charges or any other up front costs.

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  • White label

    Start tickets sales for events that you host as a venue on your site without spending time & money on your own ticket solution. Integrate our ready-made solution into your site and simply adapt it to your design.

  • Frequent visitors

    It is important for venues to accumulate and use data about permanent visitors. Keeping this data base satisfied is more profitable than constantly attracting new people. Sell ​​tickets to your audience on your site and social networks through our built-in widget and let your regular customers remain with you!

  • Organise the entrance

    We will help organise the entrance to the festival and make it easier for you and for the audience: to read the electronic ticket, all you need is the application on the staff’s phone.

    Cloud statistics allows you to monitor the dynamics of entering visitors to an event simultaneously on all entrances online.

Ticketsсloud commission — 8% *

No monthly charges, no hidden fees, acquiring includes! You can get 0% commission using the on top commission scheme.

* Standard tariff, final commission depends on individual conditions.

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How it works

  • New scale

    Sell tickets directly via your social media pages and event websites or through an unlimited number of sellers around the world. We’ve simplified the search and negotiation processes, so you can assign new sellers in just a few clicks. The deals are signed automatically.

  • Open distribution

    You don’t have to manage ticket allocation — all sellers are provided with instant access to the entire ticket inventory. Those who are more efficient will sell more — all through to the last ticket!

  • Promotion Tools

    Promo codes: sell more tickets by creating offers which are hard to resist — based on the current demand, tickets and time left until the event. Set up discounts in a few clicks right from your dashboard!

    Retargeting and remarketing: customers who have been looking through your event tickets, but have not yet made a purchase, will see your event ads on other websites and will return to complete the purchase.

  • Online analytics

    All your sales channel performance and sales analytics are available at your dashboard with online updates. Increase your marketing campaigns efficiency with UTM-marks, showing where your website traffic comes from.

  • New technologies

    Sell tickets on any websites or social networks hassle-free. Ticketsсloud widgets can be embedded anywhere you like. You keep the client database whenever they order tickets via a widget.

  • Personalised approach

    Ticketsсloud is easily customisable for any event size and complexity. Seating assignment schemes, white label solutions for websites, fan tickets… We are ready to develop potentially interesting tools and services free of charge!

Services and tools for event organisers:

  • 24/7 Customer support

    Grow your audience’s loyalty with our customer support.

  • Cloud Box Office

    All you need to sell tickets via cloud box office in any part of the world is a computer and a printer.

  • Widgets for your website, FB and VK

    Widgets enable you to sell tickets directly to your audience. The widget can be embedded onto your website or placed as a pop-up window that appears when a customer clicks the “Buy Ticket” button.

  • All Paperwork in your dashboard

    Absolutely no paperwork between parties. You sign only one agreement — with the platform.

  • Marketplace

    Negotiate ticket sales terms with sellers and close deals online right from your dashboard!
    — Select the sellers you like
    — Set your own % and terms.

  • Daily funds withdrawal via your dashboard

    The funds are accumulated in your dashboard and can be transferred to your bank account in just 2 clicks!

  • Online Event listings, concierge services and fan-clubs

    Sell through new sales channels and offer ticket delivery options — e-ticket or delivery service.

We know a lot about
event promotion

The Ticketsсloud Team has extensive experience of event promotion. We understand the market and know which tools and services are necessary at the moment. This is why Ticketsсloud is one of the founders of the Moscow Ticketing Forum.

Who are we?

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Egor Egerev

CEO, Founder